Hello, I am Karen Wolman

Beautiful gardens come in all shapes and sizes. I consider myself lucky to have worked on an array of gardens, large and small, since I was awarded a Diploma in Garden Design at Capel Manor (Regents Park) in 2010. I grew up in Southern California and spent a decade in Italy, so my aesthetic views are steeped in an outdoor culture, a warm climate, and an obsession with beautiful things.

I came to garden design equipped with a set of different skills and other professional experience. My first love was for language and literature. This led me to work for many years in Italy as a journalist.  It was in Italy I developed a lifelong passion for Italian art, design and culture.

My ties to Italy led me to undertake the restoration of a completely derelict farmhouse in Umbria – while juggling the challenges of raising children and working in London. When the builders had gone I was dismayed to see the site was a lunar landscape, not a tuft of greenery in sight near the pristine stone house. The challenge of bringing life back to life this barren landscape galvanized me to start a new and lifelong journey of learning about plants and landscaping.

(I speak French, Italian and Spanish; I am happy to undertake projects abroad.)